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Copyright March 3, 2004, Jaro Kolman

I believe that I've just cracked the SECRET of ANTIGRAVITY AND FREE ENERGY. It's real simple. The secret is MAGNETIC BUBBLES.

When you spin or rotate magnets which contain magnetic bubbles, IN A MAGNETIC FIELD, the Aether/ZPE is SPLIT, and NEGATIVE ENERGY is released. This is the source of "COLD" electricity and NEGATIVE photons, and creates effects like DARKENING (by canceling out positive, light photons), COOLING (by canceling heat/IR photons), and ANTIGRAVITY (by canceling or repelling gravity field), among others.

And the amount of negative energy released from splitting the ZPE, EXCEEDS the amount of positive energy needed to initiate and maintain the flow of negative energy from ZPE. That's because the ZPE CONTAINS ENERGY, same as atom contains energy, but a different kind, and which, like atom's energy, can't be readily released unless you have the know-how.

AC-magnetization is one way to create magnetic bubbles which are
either absence of magnetization, or orthogonally magnetized little magnets within the main magnet. When you spin such magnets, it splits the ZPE and NEGATIVE/DARK energy is created/released which repels or cancels gravity, and that's why very little positive energy is needed to create antigravity.

It is an equivalent to an atomic bomb, not in power, but in release of energy from a previously closed system. Atomic fission creates an abundance of positive energy by splitting an atom. Magnetic Bubbles create an abundance of NEGATIVE energy, by splitting the ZPE.

This effect isn't unknown and was previously observed in many devices producing anomalous results using magnets, and especially CONDITIONED or AC-magnetized magnets. My Theory of Negative Energy simply attempts to explain the nature and means of producing this effect.

Spinning magnetic bubbles is not the only way to split the ZPE, it can also be accomplished by subjecting magnetic bubbles to an AC or continuously varying magnetic field.

This theory is to be known as The Kolman Theory of Negative Energy.

The splitting of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) by using magnetic bubbles was previously accomplished in devices like the Searl SEG, Sweet-VTA, and Roschin-Godin recent simplified replication of the SEG, although the authors of these devices probably didn't fully understand the principles by which anomalous results were achieved.

Anomalous results from devices using magnets were up to now ridiculed and dismissed by the scientific establishment, because they can't be explained by their theories. TIME TO UPDATE YOUR THEORIES, PROFESSORS!

We are currently concentrating on trying to replicate the
Roschin-Godin SEG version in AG Group, so anyone willing to CONTRIBUTE to that effort is invited to join us. Here's the link:



Jaro Kolman,
negative energy researcher